Au revoir!

Au revoir mes chers étudiants,

It was a pleasure teaching all of you. 
I feel blessed to have had the opportunity
to share in this learning experience with you. Hopefully I'll TTOC in some of your classes in the future!

Bonne chance!
Mlle Powell

p.s. I really appreciated all of the kind words and tokens of gratitude today, ya'll are the best.



- Presentations tomorrow
- Good copy, semaines de relâche
- Bring any missing work (check student connect) 


11e - critères pour projet 'lèche-vitrines'


Vocabulary: devanture - shop window
(faire du) lèche-vitrines - window shopping



Miss Inc Webdoc
Subjunctive Quiz

DUE MONDAY (MAR31) - the culture reflection journals
DUE FRIDAY (APR4) - the subjunctive aide-memoire

An Update

Here is Mlle Cohen's website (resource page)

All classes: I will be updating marks over Spring Break, so be sure to check Student Connect a few times over the break to make sure you have everything. If you are missing something and are not sure what the assignment is and/or you lost it etc. Please e-mail me at apowell@deltasd.bc.ca and I will send you the necessary documents and/or information. My last day is April 4th. Please make sure you get any work that you are missing (written, reading, or speaking) made up before that time!

Grade 8s, starting March 31- Mlle Cohen/Mme Lewis will be your teacher(s) again. It has been a pleasure teaching you! The AIM program will be starting up again with the gestures. Please take out a copy of the AIM DVD if you need a refresher and visit their websites from now on.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy Spring Break!


P.c / imp

Cahier p35 #5


Les couleurs dans les pubs - 11e année

Dans les publicités, chaque couleur a un sens.