11e - critères pour projet 'lèche-vitrines'


Vocabulary: devanture - shop window
(faire du) lèche-vitrines - window shopping



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Subjunctive Quiz

DUE MONDAY (MAR31) - the culture reflection journals
DUE FRIDAY (APR4) - the subjunctive aide-memoire

An Update

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All classes: I will be updating marks over Spring Break, so be sure to check Student Connect a few times over the break to make sure you have everything. If you are missing something and are not sure what the assignment is and/or you lost it etc. Please e-mail me at apowell@deltasd.bc.ca and I will send you the necessary documents and/or information. My last day is April 4th. Please make sure you get any work that you are missing (written, reading, or speaking) made up before that time!

Grade 8s, starting March 31- Mlle Cohen/Mme Lewis will be your teacher(s) again. It has been a pleasure teaching you! The AIM program will be starting up again with the gestures. Please take out a copy of the AIM DVD if you need a refresher and visit their websites from now on.

I wish everyone a happy and healthy Spring Break!


P.c / imp

Cahier p35 #5


Les couleurs dans les pubs - 11e année

Dans les publicités, chaque couleur a un sens.



SVP, finish your text (we are going to do a 'gallery walk' of them tomorrow)

If you finished translating the paragraph- check your answers!

A+ tlm.